Maxim Defense MXM47709 Hate Brake 30 Cal (7.62mm), 5/8″-24 tpi,

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Maxim Defense MXM47709 Hate Brake 30 Cal (7.62mm), 5/8″-24 tpi, 1.50″ D Black DLC Stainless Steel


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A common problem in short barrel PDWs with low-pressure cartridges is reliable cycling. Maxim Defense Hate Brake muzzle booster is designed to regulate firearm exhaust gases to ensure PDWs cycle more reliably. The primary design features include the redirection of gasses, decreasing the flash signature, significantly reducing recoil, and increasing accuracy. The HATE BRAKE installs with a 3/8 drive socket from the front, enabling it to be installed under a handguard without removing the handguard. During installation, the HATE BRAKE locks into place with K-Taper, a patent-pending taper locking technology, replacing the need for proprietary tapered barrels. The external shape of the HATE BRAKE is designed to work with M-Slot compatible hand guards. Primary Function is a muzzle booster. Increase reliability with PDWs. Directs sound away from shooter. Decreases flash. Adds equal length of a barrel as a standard A2 birdcage flash hider. Installs from the front and fits under most handguards[handguards with an inner diameter of 1.65 or larger]Body of the HATE BRAKE can easily be timed. K-Taper locking technology. Patents Pending Design. Veteran Designed. Veteran Tested





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