Optic Companies Spotlight: Riton / SwampFox

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Riton Tactix 1-8
Riton Tactix 1-8 LPVO

The field of options only gets better in the Tactical Optics space.  2 companies we have been pretty impressed with in the past couple years are RITON and SWAMPFOX.  These 2 are doing great things and putting some really good market pressure on the big names.  RITON impressed us immediately with their glass clarity within their price point and with a superb no hassle warranty, how can you argue.  

Swampfox too, they are getting it done and even had some optics tested by Tier 1 folks overseas.  They are putting their hearts and souls into fighting optics and making sure they are prices affordably.   Everything from the has a naming convention with a little history embedded.  Even ‘Swampfox’, which was the nickname of the real life person portrayed by Mel Gibson in the movie ‘The Patriot’.   

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